White Shad


Threadfin Shad

Gizzard Shad

Chartreuse & White Shad

Blue Ice Shad

Melon Head


Ultimate Shiner


Bruised Ego

Okeechobee Craw


Green Pumpkin Pepper

Lavender Shad

Black Shad



Price per 2 pack:  $4.20

Currently Out of Stock

These skirts feature built in "necktie" trailers for ultimate action without any added mass to the hook shank. This allows easier and higher percentage hook ups. The built in trailers are made of 100% super durable silicone which will out last any plastisol chunk on the market and since they are welded in place will never slide down the hook leaving you with confidence that your presentation is always true. These skirts feature a lot of our best patterns and give you a hand tied look with the ability to change colors lightning fast.

If ordering more than 50 skirts please call for special pricing.
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